XStar_FXX is an old admin who joined pbrp at 2016,November 9th

At his first times at game,His grammar was really bad and he couldent build with f3x.

After some weeks and months,he gained his first mod by Bluesquid(Old name of Blueslime).But ,it was a tempmod.After some weeks,Salih1 made him admin.Sadly a day later he was unadmined by docter and bertan8.Then Bane's civil war happened,and his team won(Bane's team) and he gained mod again.And he was unmodded later that day,again.

After some weeks of trying.he gained his admin,again. after some days he was promoted to super admin.

He quitted PBRP after bolsheviks rebel.

He came back at the end of 2017.Gained his reichtangle rank back,gained his admin back,Then he won a election then he was promoted to super admin.He tried to spy vasko and hhaaq one time but he failed.

Then some shit happened and he became a owner

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