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Welcome to the exposing of Salih1!
Why the hell does this still exist
he uses alts to stir drama and panic (bolsheveiksofpbrp is salih1 as shown in a salih1 video), manipulates his players (falsely accusing finobe an old roblox revival), 
lies about suicide and has a tendency of coming back after "qutting",'falsely accusing players,  
treating his community like lab rats and uses apologies as an excuse! anyone who disagrees with him is a rebel! from Panzerkorp to spread the word! For the Finoob Revolt!
I got a ping from the server, hmm, what is this? 
Salih1 saying, "This is a serious rebellion" 
Had a problem with me telling them to "improve their game" 
But, let me educate you silly, that's not a serious rebellion! (Woo) 
Salih1 can eat a dick! (Still not a rebellion!) 
I disagree with your points! (Still not a rebellion!) 
Did you know that Turks have poo-poo in their brains? 
That's a blatant racist lie 
Yeah, but still not a rebellion! 
{{Infobox_character|name = salih1|image = Stomedy.jpg|aliases = Mr. Cocksucker|relatives = Everenes, NinthBasher & more|affiliation = Retards|marital = Gay|birthDate = 2019|birthPlace = Turgay|deathDate = 2019|deathPlace = 2019|species = A turkey|gender = Faggot|height = 1 nm|weight = 999 lbs|eyes = No eyes|imagecaption = salih1 in real life}}

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Why the hell does this still exist

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