VaskoDimitrov, knownly best as just Vasko, is a former PBRP player. He was the former owner of Polskaball RP.


Vasko joined PBRP in late 2016, and was a normal player there, although he never witnessed Pennyslavania. He was, although a hardcore communist, a helping hand in the Bolshevik War. After that, he though that Salih1 was using him and several more people, which just led to July 22 and the fake suicide scare. He after that left PBRP to start his own game, Polskaball RP, which was a small success back in the day, but is now closed for "renovation" since December. He shortly rejoined after Polandball House was taken over by WeAre, and then left again during another revolution. He has planned a return, but it's unknown as he thinks that the community might not accept him.

After PBRP

It is unknown to Vasko when he left PBRP again, but he thinks December. In February he tried to assist Salih as another revolution occured, with cygnus taking the main part, proposing to make a game with him, although that idea was scrapped. He is still playing ROBLOX to this day, and is currently active on Discord, as he goes on it as "Mosin–Nagant M1891/30#3524", and spends most of his time playing GTA Vice City.

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