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=== Enemies: ===
=== Enemies: ===
VladPisces, BaneKnight, Finlandd
VladPisces, BaneKnight, Finlandd, Terrariapro587

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VaskoDimitrov, aka Mario64gamer is a former administrator in Polandball RP and Game Creator of Polskaball RP.

Past of his

VaskoDimitrov has a big small past. From first appearing in 2015, being a part of The Great Anti-Communism War of Polandball, and betraying Salih1, of which after that being betrayed by VladPisces, and after that Yugoslaviaball, then fixing relations with Salih1 and then starting a war of Polskaball RP againts Countryballs Realm.



Salih1, PeridotTheRock (maybe), DoctorTeeVee, ToastOfUndead, BlueSlimeLord (aka Squid), A_AAer, and most of everybody else.


VladPisces, BaneKnight, Finlandd, Terrariapro587

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