Ekran Resmi 2017-11-09 14.15.08

Sealand is the countryball turk1shhh selects always.


People who begging for admin,VIP (if they doesnt stops if i even warn them they will be muted by me)

People who insults (mute apparently)

Grieffing (toolban as dont get untoolbanned)

Super Grieffing (i report who does this to an super admin with an PROOF)

Admins open music with no voting (i report them to superadmins-owners)


Non-Admins roleplaying good

Admins dont punish people without proof

Respectful nonadmins

Nonadmins does not begging for admin

Democratic admins

People follows every polandball rules

People judging grieffers

Nonadmins reporting grieffers-exploiters to admins

Admin Friends : Friends everytime: Salih1,Cjbice,Chaserrocks2003,BlueSlimeLord,Sownage Sometimes bad,sometimes friends: A_AAer,TerrariaPro587,ToastOfUndead Old Admins i was friends: HappyLappi,Killy07,(after sax RP scandal i stop being friends with him, after he grieffed i started to see him as a enemy.)SebaVentzel

Nonadmin Friends: Danke_Danke,ArcticOrca,Every respectful nonadmin in PBRP

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