The Start

The Great Anti-Communism War of Polandball was a major event where two criminals named KezbanKezban and BolsheviksOfPBRP. Both of them went to a Polandball server where the closure of the game was about to happen. After shutting down the server , they returned and took over Polandball for a period of 5 hours. The intial reaction from the players and from the admins in the Discord chat was immediate panic and disbelief , having not seen any major attack in their lifes. Then , they proceeded to admin every single player online in the server , and changing the settings to free admin to whoever joined.

The Counter-Attack Measure

After the immediate take-over of the Polandball game , admins and CaptainRexRulz in the Discord chat gathered up to make a plan to take back Polandball. After a series of meetings , the admins decided to act like they're supporting the communist group. Most of the admins that tried to counter-attack initially by banning the two were immetiatly PBanned. After a series of "Victory Parades" and other communist RPs , they ganged-up and destroyed the map , trying to get an immediate response. After a series of Btools attacks and F3X Nukes , KezbanKezban and BolsheviksOfPBRP decided to shutdown the game , making the objective complete and the mission a full success.

After the first mission was complete , more had gone underway , with the same princpial objective : Grief the game by complete until they surrender. As much as the missions went successful , many ban causlities have gone underway. With many admins getting PBanned and having their admins removed , they kept charging with alt accounts.

The Red Scare

With little effort , Kezban and Bolsheviks managed to completly demolish any counter-attack rebels formed by admins , and demoting most of the admins. Many admins and people survived , as they were forced to obey the orders of the "Red Officers" and orders from Kezban and Bolsheviks. Admins also survived the intial ban spree , as they were forced to work in the "Roleplay Council" , that decides which RP will be aproved to play.

The Battle For Washington

After series of retaliations from Kezban and his freind , the players and Admins decided to escape to Washington , to protect the White House and the Senate. While sadly Kezban managed to BTools the White House and completly destroy it , they managed to protect the Senate and secure it by adding extra large walls around it. It may have been a idea that could have gone completly wrong , but it managed to work , thanks to the work of the fine and patriotic Revolutionzers.

The Finale and Defeat of Kezban and Bolshievks

After battles and griefs , Kezban and Bolshievks were defeated after salih1 joining the game and completly erasing their owners and PBanning the both. It may have been a short end and a short battle for the admins and players , but a giant victory and a step-foward to Polandball's Security. The so called "Revolutionzers" celebrated their victory with a giant party with the players and admins.

Special Thanks to; xolbor12567 , VaskoDimitrov , salih1 , captainrexrulz , BlackZacblox , digo88 , EmperorScotland , and many others who have participated in the fight for freedom.

Thank you , Freedom Fighters , this place would have been a vast communist land without all of you.

Possible Return

Although Kezban and Bolshievks were banned , it could be possible that they would return with alternative accounts. If that would ever to happen , we will need to be prepared and protect our game against them at all costs we Will fight them till the last man fuck kezban and bolshievks.

Utter Defeat of salih1 and The Communist Take-Over

12/07/2017 , 1 Day after the Communist Revolution , salih1 declared a surrender act and made a treaty with the communists , in which they would take over the game. This has been declared the End of Polandball and the start of a terrible era of Communism , in which fear , dominance and greed rules over a land in which was supposted to be a fun place and a democratic place.

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