(The complete plot-twist that made absolutely no sense at all.: After that fateful revolution)
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==== '''The Start''' ====
Я на выборы никогда не ходил, но в этот раз точно пойду за Грудинина голосовать. Кандидат от народа!<nowiki/><nowiki/>''' '''<nowiki/>
The Great Anti-Communism War of Polandball was a major event where two criminals named KezbanKezban and BolsheviksOfPBRP. Both of them went to a Polandball server where the closure of the game was about to happen. After shutting down the server , they returned and took over Polandball for a period of 5 hours. The intial reaction from the players and from the admins in the Discord chat was immediate panic and disbelief , having not seen any major attack in their lifes. Then , they proceeded to admin every single player online in the server , and changing the settings to free admin to whoever joined.
'''The Counter-Attack Measure'''
After the immediate take-over of the Polandball game , admins and CaptainRexRulz in the Discord chat gathered up to make a plan to take back Polandball. After a series of meetings , the admins decided to act like they're supporting the communist group. Most of the admins that tried to counter-attack initially by banning the two were immetiatly PBanned. After a series of "Victory Parades" and other communist RPs , they ganged-up and destroyed the map , trying to get an immediate response. After a series of Btools attacks and F3X Nukes , KezbanKezban and BolsheviksOfPBRP decided to shutdown the game , making the objective complete and the mission a full success.
After the first mission was complete , more had gone underway , with the same princpial objective : Grief the game by complete until they surrender. As much as the missions went successful , many ban causlities have gone underway. With many admins getting PBanned and having their admins removed , they kept charging with alt accounts.
==== '''The Red Scare''' ====
With little effort , Kezban and Bolsheviks managed to completly demolish any counter-attack rebels formed by admins , and demoting most of the admins. Many admins and people survived , as they were forced to obey the orders of the "Red Officers" and orders from Kezban and Bolsheviks. Admins also survived the intial ban spree , as they were forced to work in the "Roleplay Council" , that decides which RP will be aproved to play.
==== '''The Battle For Washington''' ====
After series of retaliations from Kezban and his freind , the players and Admins decided to escape to Washington , to protect the White House and the Senate. While sadly Kezban managed to BTools the White House and completly destroy it , they managed to protect the Senate and secure it by adding extra large walls around it. It may have been a idea that could have gone completly wrong , but it managed to work , thanks to the work of the fine and patriotic Revolutionzers.
==== '''The Finale and Defeat of Kezban and Bolshievks''' ====
After battles and griefs , Kezban and Bolshievks were defeated after salih1 joining the game and completly erasing their owners and PBanning the both. It may have been a short end and a short battle for the admins and players , but a giant victory and a step-foward to Polandball's Security. The so called "'''Revolutionzers" '''celebrated their victory with a giant party with the players and admins.
'''Special Thanks to; xolbor12567 , VaskoDimitrov , salih1 , captainrexrulz , BlackZacblox , digo88 , EmperorScotland , and many others who have participated in the fight for freedom.'''
Thank you , Freedom Fighters , this place would have been a vast communist land without all of you.
'''Possible Return'''
Although Kezban and Bolshievks were banned , it could be possible that they would return with alternative accounts. If that would ever to happen , we will need to be prepared and protect our game against them at all costs we Will fight them till the last man fuck kezban and bolshievks.
==== '''Utter Defeat of salih1 and The Communist Take-Over''' ====
12/07/2017 , 1 Day after the Communist Revolution , salih1 declared a surrender act and made a treaty with the communists , in which they would take over the game. This has been declared the End of Polandball and the start of a terrible era of Communism , in which fear , dominance and greed rules over a land in which was supposted to be a fun place and a democratic place.
'''The deal with the devil'''
Salih and the others did a deal with the devil(bolsheviks) which caused a revolution and removal of many admins, after this we don't know if bolsheviks is dead..or if he is coming back.
=== '''The complete plot-twist that made absolutely no sense at all.''' ===
turns out both bolsheviks and kezban were salih1 lol
=== Influences today ===
Even after the revolution it has influenced others Junosaturn rose After that fateful revolution
''' '''<nowiki/>

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Я на выборы никогда не ходил, но в этот раз точно пойду за Грудинина голосовать. Кандидат от народа!

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