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[[File:The Britains Logo.png|thumb|175x175px|The Logo ]]The Britains is a band, made by Squidmaster2006 during the recovery of Polandball RP after Banes revoultion (basically WW2)
[[File:The Britains Logo.png|thumb|175x175px|The Logo ]]THE GAYS BAND
The Band started with Bert, Squidmaster (Me) Humanspice, and Alpha, (The Quarrymen Era) later changing Alpha to Xstar, then Human to Quaz, [Current Members - Xstar, Squidmaster, Bert, and Quaz]
The Britains mainly played on The Streets for the wider demographic, then Coffee Shops, then going on tour around Polandball.

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The Britains Logo

The Logo

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