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Hello, if you are reading this... good for you I guess, yes this may not look like Marioxxxx2626 editing this page, but don't let that deceive you. Here is the story of Marioxxxx2626.. let's begin. Long ago around 2016, Marioxxxx2626 joined the countryball community to his interests in the comics and art, he then wondered if there was a game on Roblox to do with Countryballs and RP as them. He did eventually find PBRP which was only a very small game during this time, with only over 100 likes... to his excitement he joined in, just to say some random admins jumping on a boat, he was a bit nervous at first, but then he starting Role-playing with them and it quickly became enjoyable. Fast forwarding a bit to around mid 2016, Salih1 the owner of the game, took interest in Mario, he was active, friendly and was always willing to help others out if needed. Salih1 decided to give Mario administrator... and tested him out, he did very well and quickly made his way up the ranks. Fast forwarding to 2017, he was enjoying things until... stuff started to go wrong... Out of nowhere rebellions started sprouting out and attacking Salih1 and his game, Mario mainly remained neutral during the entire conflict as he took no interest in getting his reputation busted. Even know still quite affected by the problems, but then out of nowhere he got the news that Salih1 committed suicide, Mario was already suspicious of what happened and believed it was faked, eventually it was told to be fake. Sometime later a random Bolshevik revolution came out of nowhere, which Mario did not participate in, it was discovered to be Salih1 who caused it with two alt accounts, Mario wasn't entirely bothered. HHAAQ eventually attacked, Mario only took minor participation in it, and I will not be going over what happened except it was Salih1. During late 2017, Mario actually was planning a rebellion himself, but then he looked back at everyone.. and immediately thought it was the wrong thing to do, and scrapped the entire idea. Fast forwarding to 2018.. Mario had joined the discord server, he was welcomed to the server and began discussing about the game and how others were doing, but soon he began looking back at the game and began to think the game and the community was becoming... toxic and unpleasant. Due to the amount of griefing and threats he was getting.. Mainly by ToastofUndead, he was beginning to get... tired of this community. On September 30th 2018, Mario was hacked, as he wanted to prevent Deadmau7est from being hacked by Toast, he gave up his account for sometime until he decided to snatch it back from Toast breaking an agreement, sometime later Mario was told that the entire thing was a setup which made him furious pushing him even more to have a negative opinion on the entire community.
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== Chapter 2 ==
It's now 2019... The game has been growing a bit more over time, Mario beginning to become less frequent on the discord server and the game, he began to see how bad the game was.. and how toxic the community was slowly becoming a mess. Mario also noticed that Salih1 was somewhat a coward, but never mentioning it as he didn't want to be hated for it. HeloHJ and recently took over, showing Mario even more, that how weak Salih1 was.. Around July 2019, he began to completely cease on the Countryball community and PBRP itself, he began to BREAK UP relations with other administrators, he began to isolate himself from the rest of the community, seeking his freedom from the the community that brought him misery. If you have made it this far into this story... prepare to cringe if you want but I don't care... Mario finding to start anew, joined up to the Furry Community where he describes he has found happiness and away from the disgraceful mess that was left behind, he could finally put it all behind him, nothing could get in his way finally... Mario... was... free from the grasp of the toxic community. He now has renamed himself to Utopiabound, as his old name was *WIP*

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