TerrariaPro587 or known as Terraria. Joined Polandball Roleplay on July of 2017 Before July 22nd


He was Playing Polandball Roleplay and Roleplayed about a Japanese Korean War. Then SpoilerGuy saw Terraria Roelplaying very well. Then decided to mod Terraria.

Accidental Abuse and 1st Pbanned

While he was Roleplaying a forgotten Arstotzka Role-play then he had heard about the commands ":ff all and :explode" So he did :ff all then :explode all to see if it protected them. Oddly it didn't. He was blamed of abuse. Then BlackZacblox Pbanned him.

Unbanned and modded again

He was unbanned by SpoilerGuy then modded again. Then he was promoted to admin. All goes peaceful intel..

Isis Earrape and 2nd Pbanned

He saw a Roleplayer named "Isis" So he said :m Im Sorry. Then played the Isis Earrape. He was Pbanned again.

Admined and Pbanned by Juno

When he was unbanned he waited a little then he was admined again. Then Juno joined when he was testing his Minnesotaball morph. Then Juno unadmined all then started "The Juno Attack" He was picked 2nd to be Pbanned then he got a screenshot before the Pbanning.

Super Admin

Terraria was super admined and he was hyped about it. He used it a lot intel late October then he was unsuperadmined but then he got it back with Peridot then Peridot blew it and got demoted.

"Anti-Terraria Revolution"

After Terraria was Super Admin for a While He called nonadmins on a BIG SERVER "You Idiot Nonadmins!" Then Left. That Sparked the Short 30 Minute to 1 Hour Revolution. First, They Called Terraria Bad. THEN BURNED HIS NAME. Then Terraria got so PISSED HE ENTERED THE GAME And just told them to STOP Then it ended.


Terraria decided to be dumb and place accidental Anti-PBRP Propaganda in a Super Admin or Owners Face then Pbanned again.


Terraria after he was unbanned was loyal and was more active then usual. StarClones and LordDane Didn't like him when he was unbanned and modded. And Lord even ranked Terraria WARNED Every time he joined a game with Lord.

Memories [Screenshots]

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 6.49.15 AM

A Plane RP Gone Wrong

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 8.15.54 AM

Fallout RP with a Anime Computer

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 5.21.23 PM

In-game map RP With Spoiler

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.30.11 PM

Juno Pbanning Terraria

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