TerrariaPro587 is one of the many loyal and Active admins in PBRP who has been involved in a portion of the game's history i guess.

Though in his past he has been accused of

  • Isis Music [ HOW TO GET BAN 101 ]
  • Starting Some Drama With Peridot
  • One of the First Admins to get ban 3 Times and get it back

He has changed through the months and is now very loyal and trustworthy.

Join Date:Ughh July 2017.

Age:Fuck no

Heritage: Japanese and American


Current Rank:Super Admin [Yaaaa]

Friends:Cjbice,  BlackZacblox, Salih1, FinIand [A little] And Other Admins

Enemies:PeridotTheRock [Sometimes/A lot] A_AAer, [Mostly] BaneKnightFall28

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