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The Polandball RP Split-up constist of the game splitting up in 4 games:

How it happened

[Salih1 write here]

Countryballs RP

Countryballs RP, made by Yugoslaviaball in 7/13/2017, is the first Polandball RP spinoff. The game consists of three creators:

  • Yugoslaviaball
  • VaskoDimitrov (Former)
  • KezbanKezban

Due to Yugoslaviaball being deleted from ROBLOX because VladPisces being anti-semitic, he left ROBLOX, and Countryballs RP being shutdown.

Countryballs Galaxy

Countryballs Galaxy, made by VladPisces in 9/5/2017, is the second Polandball RP spinoff. The game consits of (up to now known) one creator: VladPisces. The game became extremely popular after its free release, its also made with Free Models.

Polskaball RP

Polskaball RP, made by VaskoDimitrov in 8/5/2016 (Not real date, was before an blank project), is the third Polandball RP spinoff. The game consits of three creators:

  • VaskoDimitrov
  • ToastOfUndead
  • BlueSlimelord (Formely Squid)

The game has good relations with Polandball RP. The game has mutliple haters and mutliple former creators:

  • Bartekgruzalski
  • USSRMapperback (Formely sanesssss)
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