A brief history in StarClones36's perspective

The Beginning

I was obsessed with polandball because I loved learning about countries and their flags. One day I went to Roblox and was curious if there was a polandball game, and there was! Polandball Roleplay, I found it in December 2016. My best pal back then was gerard4332, we would roleplay together a lot. Times were way better back then. Then 2017 hit. This year would go down in PBRP history as "the downfall of PBRP".

Start of the Downfall

Times were great, I remember Nascar and SquidMaster (now BlueSlime) were the only mods/admins. During this time, gerard influenced me in making a group. Icenadball would have been Norwayball, but that was already taken. So I chose Icelandball! Then January 19th came, MLK Jr. Day in the USA. Sal said he gave up, Nascar was giving him troubles that I don't exactly remember what. I'm pretty sure near February he came back, and we all were happy he didn't give up. Things were normal until April, which is when I got bored of the game and signed off of the game for 2 months but didn't leave the group.

The Return

I came back in June. And, oh boy, where things different. There were two new maps, the world and in-game map. There was a new city with a bunch of buildings. This change seemed odd to me but soon followed through with it. There were way more admins, too. One that I know of is A_AAer, he will be talked about later.

July 22 Attacks

I was out of this drama when it happened. I wasn't involved with this at all. This major event was basically Salih versus the other people who made countryball games. Vlad and Vasko were the huge ones. Don't get mad at me for not knowing much.

Going to other sides

Coincidentally, I made my first countryball game on July 22. You may ask why. I'll tell you. Finlandd, now known as Norwway, pbanned me when I was playing C is for cookie. He later said there were "rumors" I was griefing. I have already made countryballs, I got tutorials from Japanese Mapping. I made the backs to the morphs, and published the game. I only got 300+ visits, but one time Salih and his friends joined my game. They viewed other games, and by far, they thought mine was the best.

The Story of my Vlad alliance

Like I said, I never knew about July 22 at this point. In late August, I joined my friend TakeshiNakazato1 in the game "The Realm Of Countryballs", Vlad's first game. It was an ancient map RP, which was a free model. In fact, EVERYTHING was a free model. Anyway, I roleplayed for a bit, then I was admined. We later did a life RP, and at the end, Vlad had to leave. He said he trusted me and gave me super admin. In early September, Toast had to leave Vlad and go with Vasko because Vlad gets triggered over communism. I became the new owner, Countryballs Galaxy. I abandoned my game, and it got shutdown two weeks later by me because of lack of visits. I added morphs like crazy, I added half of the world's countries and even some territories. Since November 15th, I started to drift away from Vlad. On December 3, I started to make a game known as Rise Of Nations currently. I put a group shout declaring I was not associated with Vlad no more.

The aftermath of leaving

The Icelandball group had tons of drama. I'd say 90% supported me over Vlad. A week later, I kicked Vlad and his supporters from the group. On December 10th, I was given admin by the PBRP community and was chosen after the attacks of HHAAQ. This is also the day I finished my europe map in RON. In fact, HHAAQ tried to get my group conjoined with sal's group in November. I got promoted to superadmin on December 16th. A day later, I was at my grandparents's house and Vlad raged at me through Discord. He called me a "monster" for switching to sal's side. On December 20th, sal, toast, vlad, and me had a meeting in Polskaball RP. We talked our opinions through deeply.

End of the horrible year known as 2017

You see why I call this the downfall? It gets even worse. On christmas day, yes christmas day, HHAAQ decided it would be a good idea to hack the game. Salih unbanned HHAAQ and HHAAQ unbanned everyone. I have proof of this happening. This was all to start drama again, because we can't freaking have peace on Christmas apparently. He hacked the game so it would go so far back in time where Kohl's Admin didn't exist in it. We couldn't do anything. Later, salih fixed the game. We figured it out, the riots were over the change in F3X. All the drama this year was terrible, and let's hope 2018 will be an uprising of PBRP.

Sal unbans HHAAQ
HHAAQ unbans all
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