On september the 30th 2018, A hack attack from toastofundead occurred when he perm banned players, ranking them to criminals. But the iconic thing of this one was the hacking of Deadmau7est account and Marioxxxx2626. Mario is normal again but dead is still in possession.

The start

In the morning of 30th september 2018, Mario was just chilling out playing a bit of PBRP until, the sever crashed. A new sever came up players joined and then ToastofUndead joined, Deadmau7est joined eventually, Mario banned ToastofUndead twice until all of a sudden all the players in the Sever got perm banned except Deadmau7est and ToastofUndead, Apparently Deadmau7est said to mario on steam that his account was all of a sudden hacked and was locked out of it. Mario began saying to the hacker on deadmau7est to leave his account, he refused unless there would be some sort of deal. The first deal was mario to give all his robux to the hacker and then he would leave, it failed. The deal after that was mario to surrender his account to the hacker. It worked and mario account was taken over and deads was unlocked. But mario instantly regretted this.

Marioxxxx2626 and the hack attack

Mario was locked out of his account the hacker went offline so did mario, Deadmau7est was trying to convince the hacker to leave mario's account but he refused any sort of deal. Mario came back online 2 hours later and asked is my account freed? it was a no. Mario then made an alt account called Marioxxxx2626alt. He friended his own account and Toastofundead has done some bad damage to it already. groups he was in were no longer there and some of his friends were removed. except deadmau7est, Salih1, Bertan8 etc. The hacker refused to let mario have his account back and then unfriended him quickly.Monarch Lord, Mike, And Palm, decided to not let salih stay at HPL2 to hide.

Marioxxxx2626 and Deadmau7est Problems get worse

Mario then decided to try and change his password but failed too, instead he sent a contact support to roblox to try and fix it, Mario then got a message from Deadmau7est that his account was hacked again and he was once again locked out. Apparently Salih1 wasnt online during the incident so currently he is not informed on it.

The End

Salih1 had been informed on it. Marioxxxx2626 managed to get his account restored by roblox support. Currently he is a criminal on the group but salih1 will be rechanging his rank too reichtangle and mario will earn his administrator back. Dead problem has not been solved.

P.S: i got informed today that the whole thing was a stupid joke that i took seriously... im pretty mad that i been tricked.

Major and Minor Combatants


- Marioxxxx2626

- Deadmau7est

- Salih1

- ToastofUndead


- Bertan8

Unkown(meaning they might or might have not been involved but clearly is unkown):

- HatteRussia

Note: If i missed any combatants feel free too add them

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