>be admin

>july 22

>watches admins insult salih1

>"Oh man , what did he ever do to deserve this?"

>almost a year later

>very inactive

>joins pbrp

>immediatly greeted in a rude way

>"Why did you say that? I didn't like it!"

>"cUz U sPy."

>argues a little

>says he faked a death 3 times


>argument in discord


>later , watches on alt

>messages him accidentaly because im a fucking idiot , he didnt notice at the time

>moments later

>he tries to get my ip and possibly dox me

>tfw the game creator that you had a some sort of mixed relationship of hate and neutrality attempts to dox you for telling the public that he faked a death 3 times


Dear Salih1

that wasnt nice , fuck you , but ily. hmu when u wanna apologize or talk about it

With love , xolbor12567


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