Overview and background

Polandball Roleplay G2.8, PBRP G2.8, or sometimes just G2.8, is the 8th subversion of Polandball Roleplay G2. Released March 2020, the update is the first main update ever since the closure of Polandball Roleplay. Over the community unstability during the development of Polandball Roleplay G3, Salih1 decided to close PBRP to players in September 2019. Polandball Roleplay G2.8 was mainly developed by Salih1, and co-developed by PolskaLitwa, LordDane13, iHypingz and Knnt1. The quadruple of the co-developers were chosen to be the Board of Directors, advisors of the Community Manager. However, PolskaLitwa and LordDane13 resigned from the duty, and Knnt1 was demoted by the consensus of the staff team.

Community Management

On 29th of March, Salih1 has announced that he would submit himself to get professional mental help over the complaints of him not being suitable for a community leader. The community is currently being ran by NinthBasher07, with votings held in the staff team for certain decisions.

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