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{{Infobox_character|name = Pennyslavania|image = Db7359902cb0a37b778f3b2aec952fc6.png|imagecaption = He looks like this.|aliases = ?|relatives = No one.|affiliation = Robloxians against salih1|marital = Single|birthDate = 1/14/2017|birthPlace = Robloxia|species = Robloxian|gender = Male|height = ?|weight = ?|eyes = Black}}
{{Infobox_character|name = pennis|image = Db7359902cb0a37b778f3b2aec952fc6.png|imagecaption = B|aliases = s|relatives = penis|affiliation = penis|marital = penis|birthDate = today|birthPlace = penis|species = masturbator|gender = trans|height = DONBASS|weight = DONBASS|eyes = fire|deathDate = today|deathPlace = today}}

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The Demand Response of docterpg13 Response of squidmaster2006 Response of


1.Salih1 shall not appoint admins on her own and he will appoint admins with our approval. None of you will participate in voting i dont know who you are, we never heard of you this is fake bloody... wait why am i making a list? After the hacks and griefs become more common, salih was forced to accept this demand.
2.We want smile760981 to be demoted! he abuses us! He does not abuse N/A Smile was demoted after salih1 was forced to accept the demands but smile gained his admin back in a congress vote.
3.We want admins to listen to us during roleplays. We do N/A N/A
4.We want salih1 to not roleplay with us and we want salih1 to help us and listen to us instead! He does both N/A salih1 couldnt roleplay properly after accepting the demands.
5.We want salih1 to recheck this admin list! He does, everyday. N/A He just did (05.06.2017)
6.We want our dear friend Squidmaster2006 to be promoted to Co-Owner for his effords against salih1. What the ell? He told salih1 he doesnt knows why pennyslavania wants this in a private chat. He started an investigation about the connection between squidmaster2006 and pennyslavania
7.We want updated at least once a week! Impossible N/A He started to update less.
8.We want Weekly events! we have DAILY events N/A N/A
9.We want more democratic game administration it is Democratic N/A He moved into democratic congress system.
10.We want a statue for this in somewhere in tge game No N/A N/A
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