This page has been repaired from an attack attempt from a fag.

Welcome to the exposing of Salih1!

he uses alts to stir drama and panic (bolsheveiksofpbrp is salih1 as shown in a salih1 video), manipulates his players (falsely accusing finobe an old roblox revival), 

lies about suicide and has a tendency of coming back after "qutting",'falsely accusing players,  

treating his community like lab rats and uses apologies as an excuse! anyone who disagrees with him is a rebel! from Panzerkorp to spread the word! For the Finoob Revolt!

I got a ping from the server, hmm, what is this? 

Salih1 saying, "This is a serious rebellion" 

Had a problem with me telling them to "improve their game" 

But, let me educate you silly, that's not a serious rebellion! (Woo) 

Salih1 can eat a dick! (Still not a rebellion!) 

I disagree with your points! (Still not a rebellion!) 

Did you know that Turks have poo-poo in their brains? 

That's a blatant racist lie 

Yeah, but still not a rebellion! 

PANZERKORP FOR THE WIN<aside class="portable-infobox pi-background pi-europa pi-theme-wikia pi-layout-default">


Stomedy.jpg <section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color">

=== Aliases ===

Mr. Cocksucker

=== Relatives ===

Everenes, NinthBasher & more

=== Affiliation ===


</section> <section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"> == Biographical information ==

=== Marital status ===


=== Date of birth ===


=== Place of birth ===


=== Date of death ===


=== Date of death ===


</section> <section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"> == Physical description ==

=== Species ===

A turkey

=== Gender ===


=== Height ===

1 nm

=== Weight ===

999 lbs

=== Eye color ===

No eyes

</section> </aside>


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