Marioxxxx2626 is one the oldest admins on PBRP and is still active to this day. Marioxxxx2626 character wears a purple cone hat, buxsplosion, doge hat, rainbow tuxedo, rainbow pants, swords, and a grey tail which all make up his character appearance. Marioxxxx2626 has been playing PBRP since late 2015, he does have a discord account but barley uses it, as he not a fan of social media sites and only uses them for informing the creator of PBRP or sometime to chat with the other admins but for some reason when he ever goes on discord and chats, people usually get annoyed when turns up which he find weird and complete nonsense. Marioxxxx2626 has many close PBRP friends such as deadmau7est and Bertan8 as well as the creator Salih1 who he sometimes plays EUIV with. He has experienced a lot during his time playing PBRP.


Salih1 - good relations, dont chat a lot or play together much but mostly inform each other on recent events on PBRP.

Deadmau7est - excellant relations, chat sometimes but rarley play together, they are quite close friends on PBRP.

Bertan8 - Great relations but due to Bertan8 leaving PBRP they dont speak to each other as much but still play together and chat a times.

TerrariaPro - Neutral relations, dont speak to each other and dont even play together.

Squidmaster2006 (old name) - relations are pretty much neutral, they are friends on roblox but dont chat together or play together.

Milesthedoggo - one of the first three admins of PBRP, they are friends, but dont chat very much or play together.

clossysuber (cs) - Neutral relations but are friends on roblox.

ArcticOrca - Neutral relations.

ToastofUndead - Hostile relations, an enemy of marioxxxx2626

HatteRussia - Used to be friends, but due to betrayal of PBRP, relations are now extremely hostile.

HHAAQ - Neutral/Enemy, never really came into contact with each other.

(many other relations)

Reaction to July 22nd

Marioxxxx2626 reaction was mostly neutral and wanted to stay out of it, but only gave a bit of aid to salih1 and made sure to monitor the situation and listen out for events during these attacks.

Reaction to Bolshevik revolution

Neutral again but provided aid for salih1.

September 30th Hack attacks

During the early morning of September 30th, Deadmau7est account was attacked by ToastofUndead as marioxxxx2626 was playing PBRP, all the players in the server were all of a sudden banned from the game as well as marioxxxx2626. Salih1 was not online at the time, eventually marioxxxx2626 was hacked for nearly the entire day, until he contacted roblox support to get his account back, which angered ToastofUndead and a

t least 15 days later Deadmau7est retrieved his account. The PBRP community had rumours that the hackings were faked.

Breif history

Marioxxxx2626 joined in late 2015 In 2015 and met a couple of admins, doing random stuff. Eventually he began playing the game a lot more and began doing his own rps, one of his favourites were discovery RP. He met salih1 this year as well and began to make friends with him.

In 2016 marioxxxx2626 gained administration and became friends with salih1, quickly he became liked by the growing community and marioxxxx2626 enjoyed the support of the community.

In 2017 Rebellions and griefing were high and marioxxxx2626 had to monitor the game constantly to prevent grief attacks and to watch out for anti-salih players. eventually everything calmed down and marioxxxx2626 returned to his normal pbrp life.

In 2018 things were around fine and bad like the september 30th hackings but the majority of this year was neutral for him.

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