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{{Infobox_character|name = PANZERKORP IS DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT A GAME IS.|image = Lolololol.png|aliases = An imbecile|relatives = his own self|affiliation = lesbian|marital = unintelligent|birthDate = he never existed|birthPlace = town of nowhere|deathDate = today|deathPlace = today|species = dust|gender = none|height = 1nm|weight = 1000kg|eyes = no eyes}}Welcome to how salih1 is very good person! 
{{Image_Description}}<gallery widths="287">
lies about suicide and has a tendency of coming back after "qutting", (he just wanted a break)  
treating his community kind and fairly and uses apologies to show kindness! Panzerkorp is a babbling 12 year old.
I got a ping from the server, hmm, what is this? 
[[Category:Former Mod/Admin]]
Salih1 saying, "This is a serious rebellion" 
Had a problem with myself that im an annoying bickering 12 year old. 
But, let me educate you silly, that im a dick 
Salih1 is a great guy!  
I agree with your points! (Still not a rebellion!) 
Did you know that Turks are intelligent and are extremely kind. 
"revolutions are useless, it's just a game!" - Marioxxxx2626 (A super admin)
P.S. - don't join this useless revolution
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<section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section>{{Image_Description}}[[Category:Admins]]
[[Category:Gay assholes]]

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