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HHAAQ is a PBRP member who has been playing back in 2015 and/or 2016 and has rebelled in a major way between 2017 and 2018. He has done big "exploit" attacks between November 2017 and May 2018. The real identity of this member is a big controversy in PBRP history.

November 2017

Between October and November 2017, a member who was named "Steven" was posting nonsense and threatening messages. Firstly this was thought as an alt of the admin PeridotTheRock, since the account was named "Steven" and she was a fan of Steven Universe. This account named Steven kept messaging that way until 17th of November, 2017. In 17th November 2017, the players who were playing PBRP saw that the game turned back to its old format back in 2015, and an user named "HHAAQ" pbanning people and unadmining all. The Ownership of HHAAQ cause people to think if HHAAQ was an alt of salih1. Salih1 warned people that HHAAQ is an exploiter who can owner himself and change the game settings, although there is no existant exploit to owner yourself.

Christmas 2017

In christmas 2017, A big attack happened, HHAAQ was somehow unbanned. He was attacking the way he did in November, but the unbanning of HHAAQ caused a big drama in PBRP Discord. Many admins and users said that Salih1 is HHAAQ, including StarClones36, Cjbice and SpoilerGuy. That day, StarClones36 proved that salih1 unbanned someone hastaged, with 5 characters. This spreaded and caused a bigger controversy. Several days later, turk1shhhg4merr and SpoilerGuy found out that salih1 and HHAAQ has the same IP. Salih1 responded to this by saying that the IP of him there was the IP of his "remote computer" and shortly announced that HHAAQ ownered himself by entering his remote computer.


In May 2018, HHAAQ did his last attack, after this, Superadmin turk1shhhg4merr mentioned that PBRP is weak alone and we should all unite before HHAAQ ruins the whole ROBLOX Polandball. This announcement got supported by majority of the community and salih1, so that, after the negotiations that run for a week, United Communites of Roblox Polandball was formed. After this, HHAAQ announced that he will not mess with PBRP anymore.

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