General Information

Great Council of Roblox Polandball , GCORP or House of Commons is the legislature of United Community that is opened in 16 June 2018. In the same date an discord server was opened for it but was deleted. Instead of it in 10 July 2018 a discord server named Great Council of Roblox Polandball. It is hosting many important things like Constitution of United Community.


GCORP has 2 text categories, 12 text channels, a voice category and a voice channel.


Rules: Rules of council. Only Council Presidents can change

Constitution of Roblox Polandball: First 4 articles cannot be changed or removed. Other articles can be changed by a voting in council that will MPs vote.

Announcements: MPs , Group Presidents , Party Presidents , Council Presidents do make announcements here.

MP list: This is the list that gets edited every month , a day after election ends.


Plenary Session: General chat.

Voting: Place where MPs vote.

Jokes and Off-Topic: Memes , Funny links, videos and images go to here.

Debate: Place that Group Presidents generally argue. Can be used by everyone.

Election ?? : Where people make analysises about elections. Name gets changed every month.

Campaign: Place where people runs their election campaign.

Law Drafts: MPs make their laws and serve it to be voted. If gets accepted it gets added to Constitution.

Press Conference: Group presidents make announcements about important things happened. Others asks questions and Group President answers.

Other Information

  • A party can unite with a party. If that party is in council the MPs that want can join to united party or join another party
  • Two or more parties cant have same logo/name/shortening
  • A party can be closed with a voting for violating a rule or a article of constitution. Also a party can be closed instantly for supporting a terror organization that tries to divide UC
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