As my recent attempts on Westernization and Civilization continues, I have decided to face the past Salih1, I also am getting messaged over my new recently started dramas that actually happened in 2017, so this wikia article was required. This page is protected. I guess i caused drama, including the tests i performed. because between 2015-2018 i was heavily bullied by a lot of people from school, and after bullying finished it had became a habit and i went along with it.Bellow is a list of Dramas, directly or indirectly caused by me, salih1.

If you think a drama is missing, please inform salih1#7195 on Discord kindly. Directly Caused dramas are in bold.




2016: Early Drama

First PBRP Shutdown Drama

RobloxScreenShot08192016 231432843

First PBRP Shutdown Drama as documented by salih1

This drama happened due to salih1 having his first mental meltdown after a grief attack on PBRP. He also joined in the attack secretly and then announced he would shutdown the game in game. Shutdown lasted near 3-15 minutes until Salih reopened the game and told everyone that game was shutdown due to an update. Context of the Update is currently unknown.

2017: The Era of Drama

Enchanted C00lkids Rebellion

Polandball Roleplay Uprising in 03.25

Polandball Roleplay Uprising in 03.25.2017 in a nutshell

Already existing c00kids raids were often secretly enchanted by salih1 by doing the same things they did such as painting the whole map red. C00lkids in addition did also anti-admin anarchist activities. Salih1 stopped after drama because more serious when "Death to Admins" became "Death to Salih". After this drama the first directly caused drama, Pennyslavania [sic] rebellion happened.

Pennyslavania Rebellion

Pennyslavania Surrendered-0

Pennyslavania Surrendered-0

Pennyslavania rebellion was originally made by salih1 to forcefully change the community's views on the gamesystems and make it more democratic and stable. Later on, it became a testing ground for players to see if they could use votekick system and admin competence (they both failed the test btw as salih1 does not even remembers penny even getting banned ONCE). It is unknown what happened other than c00lkids type attacks. Penny was later passguessed (His password was actually told by the account owner) and a surrender video was made. Account is currently not owned by salih1. It was discovered salih1 was penny when he confessed it in 2017 august to never open an account again, resulting in HHAAQ (which was another and final alt of salih1 on ROBLOX. Hope was the final alt on Discord. Quincy sources extend the last alt into Panzerkorps and HeloHJ but salih1 denies such claims) and his friends, who possibly were the ones who raided even outer communites such as Polandball Wikia Song Contest, which salih1 stood against and fought HHAAQ's friends, more details on HHAAQ section.

Secession Crisis (First)

RobloxScreenShot20170712 144211231
Secession Crisis was when Communists of PBRP accused salih1 of being a Japanese Capitalist, Ignoring player requests and acting egotistic tyrant rules. It was indirectly caused by salih1 because he had stirred the envorinment a little by BolsheviksofPBRP before, which was a new alt and a puppet of KezbanKezban later on.BolsheviksofPBRP and KezbanKezban RebellionFoundation of BolsheviksofPBRP was made when salih1 was in a trip to Sivas, 2 weeks later Bolsheviks attacks happened. salih1 does not remembers much about BolsheviksofPBRP other than him being a puppet of KezbanKezban. Both were Communists and were also tests for Player and Admin competence. KezbanKezban also was used for spying existing rebels at the time, which was very helpfull during...

July 22


The only surviving picture related to The July 22 Drama

July 22 was caused indirectly by salih1 by saying he would leave ROBLOX to focus on drawing countryballs. This caused an outrage by the admins, who decided to secede and found the Iron Guard, led by Captainrextul. who still refuses to talk to salih1 today. Not much is known about this event as all sources were systematicly destroyed by both sides, with the seceding side destroying every single trace of the incident after salih1 was forced to fake his death for the only time (Toast PBRP sources extend it to 3, Vasko extends it to 4. First is considered this incident, Second is considered "Shot in the leg" Drama, which salih named it like this because "It could potentionall led to me shooting my leg unintentionally", happened in an unknown date. Third was when salih1 renamed himself to "I am dead now, like Elanve" for just a username change to symobize a situation, which was taken literally by several people, fourth is unknown as Vasko declined to comment), which as like other dramas, salih1 regrets. After salih1 faked his death, admins who seceded (who were literally all the admins at the time) had realized that they had overreacted and misunderstood such a small thing, and held a memorial service in the game. KezbanKezban, BolsheviksOfPBRP and someone else who was not salih1's alt, Peridot celebrated salih1's death. salih1 today considers the incident as the death of his mental health, innocence and the good within himself. The Leaking of Personal Information drama of 2018 labeled the coffin for salih1 and made the resurrection impossible.


"Actually, he's saying the truth salih. You've been sucking turkish's cock every single day. You started all of the dramas on PBRP, for example using the HHAAQ. You're agreeing with your "enemies", just because you're desperate. Have fun playing with Elanve and other degenerates. I'm out. michalowy1234" message sent by michalowy1234 , Just several weeks ago.

HHAAQ is both known to be an alt of salih1, and both known as a group which worked with several people to spread Syndicalism to ROBLOX Polandball. The motive behind is guessed to be the dead morality, innocence, goodness inside salih1 and the rise of darkness and drama maniacism. The Group of HHAAQ consisted of multiple people, who most likely were the ones that raided other communities while the person HHAAQ, salih1's alt stayed within ROBLOX and focused on taking over the game. Unlike 4 alts of salih1, this alt had no education porpuse and was solely for drama.

According to the current co-owner of Toast PBRP, HHAAQ first joined on November 17 2017 and started his actions on ROBLOX, but he possibly joined earlier as salih1 remembers planning to use him as an education tool without rebelling and as an example of a good admin to an admin who requested his name to be removed. It is know HHAAQ rebelled first because of the ban on minimap rolelay, and immediately after someone called "Steven Rocks" claimed to be HHAAQ, which was proven false after salih1's private discussion with Turks. This suddenly grew into a syndicalist rebellion that contained multiple people, and got out of control when people started to raid the game and other communities. It is known even PB Wikia, a well known wikia was a victim of this.

There was a short controversy on HHAAQ's identity, with some claiming he was an alt of salih1, other group of rebels under SpoilerGuy -also known as a victim of July 22- rose and took over the PBRP's Discord server for a brief time. The most widely known "proof" to this was the mysterious 5 numbered hashtag guy that got unbanned by salih1, HHAAQ's Discord servers were also in Turkish aswell. however by IP traps it was realized (or was though to be that) HHAAQ was French. HHAAQ's attacks continued well until early 2018, when he left by giving up his faith on the game and claiming the game was at an unfixiable point. He was right.

HHAAQ was proven to be salih1 when he talked about that it was him all along when salih1 adopted a transparency policy, which costed a lot. It was talked in a Turkish server, which still exists but is limited to 10 people. The current members will not be announced for security reasons.

2018: The year salih1 collapsed, and end of salih1 caused dramas. Start of defense.


salih1 wanted drama so he took over his own server, it know that he opened an alt for this drama, and it is said that pretented to hack the discord server to take over, behind the scenes, the temporary server owner gave the server to Hope, salih1's alt. 

Leaking of Information

All of salih1's personal information was leaked to the internet in 2018 by a group of people, the motive behind this is unknown.

The End of Grand Council of Roblox Polandball

This drama is unknown as i only heard it from the current co-owner of Toast PBRP. I would be happy if i am provided with details

2019: Dramas over 2017 begin.


Panzerkorps or HeloHJ are not salih1's alts. However the drama was indirectly caused by him due to past mistakes he did. More details will be written after an interview with HeloHJ, Panzerkorps, and Nutgear.


2020: Dramas over 2017 cause salih1 to lose everything he had.

Hope 2

The PBRP's server was taken over by several members of the community who currently own PBRP again, which is called TOAST PBRP by salih1. This was caused due to a meltdown salih1 had and Discord was banned for him. salih1 was sick of their "shitposting" and decided to take action after the ban was lifted. A similar action was previously attempted by xolbor and Ninthbasher07 before, only to fail. After the discord was taken over, it was too late for the community to be fixed according to salih1, and PBRP soon was shutdown and replaced by TOAST PBRP. salih1 has currently left ROBLOX Polandball Community and started several reform movements. It is unknown whatever if salih1 is still interested in countryballs and its communty.

PBRP-QWC Conflict

PBRP (later TOAST PBRP) - QWC Conflict was indirectly started by salih1 and is currently ongoing.

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