CoolJayden2450 was an administator for Polandball Roleplay. Once active and helpful, he rarely plays the game ever since the admins were reset due to that and lag, as well as intrests in other games.

Time as an Administrator

When he was first admired by Smile (Who no longer plays), he learned somewhat quickly on what to do and such. He had helped with Roleplay ideas (which were sort of bland). He'd also do favors for players, such as gearing stuff (usually radios or gear for roleplay) and teleporting, since no admin usually pays attention to the chat (no offense, current admins). He'd also sometimes get in arguments or help out with Salih1, the creator of the game.

Current times

As of today, as said before, he rarely plays the game. He no longer has admin, but usually due to his group rank (Reichtangle), he recives temp. moderator from A_AAer. He can't gear unlike the old times, since moderator permissions do not allow it, but will still do things to help out the game.


  • Has friends (Like Salih1)
  • No enimies really Shh that "pearl" person counts
  • He had joined Polandball Roleplay in late 2016
  • He joined ROBLOX on August 5th, 2015 on an account named SuperJJ3D. It was abandoned due to forgetness of password.
  • He joined on this account January 6th, 2016.
  • He has regular Builder's Club
  • He was a Moderator (First rank), Administrator (spent a lot of time as that), Super Administrator (same as Administrator), and even a Owner (for a short time). He is now an Administrator.
  • Gender is male
  • He is German, American, Polish, Irish, and Italian.
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