He is Scottish \ Lithuanian.

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This is about Cloytez a discord mod on PBRP who is also one of the devs.

Cloytez on PBRP

Cloytez was an EX-Mod and is now a Discord staff IV (This article was wrote on Jan 28 2019 so it may not be the same for you. If your from the future!), Cloytez has passed the exams for A higher chance for admin. And also owns GMAF and GMD


Clossysubser - An old friend who left PBRP in hate of it which caused them to split up but have neutral relations right now.

Skyorion - Became friends by making PBR (GMD) split up then became friends again after the attack on PBRP (Jan 2019) then formed GMD.

Eesti - Neutral friends.

Salih1 - Cloytez supports him.

He dosent have much more too him but, CS failed to convince him that PBRP was bad. Cloytez claimed to have said that he will try be with PBRP for as long as possible.

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