Chaserocks2003 also known as MEEPLING (and sometimes in a few games TheDerpyLunatic) was one of the three owner admins in PBRP during the three owner phase. They started out being modded by xolbor along with another player named luft_waffIe sometime before the communist uprisings, one of his best friends on the game A_AAer was modded a day later. MEEPLING was a successful mod at first until he lost it to a exploiter, He was Remodded and then Admined for a short time before losing it to a exploiter again. He first started out playing as Sealand and French Indochina but then began playing as other countries and organizations, mainly Germans. He tried to bring stability to the game which worked for about a day before it fell into chaos again. He is now retired after Owner rank.
Friends: Almost Everyone! (Mein World Domination Plan)
Enemies: School, Exploiters, Alaska
PBRP Join Date: Unknown (Around Early 2016)
First Modded: Unknown (Late 2016)
Nationality: IM TEXAN YALL (And a bit of german)
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