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[[File:07C56239-60E8-444C-BB30-2E63B51ADC8D.jpeg|thumb|Bane Domination Flag]][[File:78693be84dc4e685817c64d0d631473d.png|thumb|150x150px]]
Again triggered boi greifed this
BaneKnightfall28 got mad when he dident get super admin and vice president,When Salih1 won against pennyslvania(Salih1)The decoy mission when BaneKnightfall28 begins a disastrous revolt by starting with threats and recruitments and him asking for war and begin planning on the technology he will be using for battle while Salih1 is concerned alot about this and keeping eyes on BaneKnightfall28 he prepares aswell BaneKnightfall28 figures what technology he wanted to use....The Battle Begins Starting off with side choosing BaneKnightfall28 gives his men the technology weapons and promises moderator and admin ranks they successfully win by Salih1 Reaching 0 Points and BaneKnightfall28 Reaching 3 surprisingly.When BaneKnightfall28 won be realised one of his helpers was a nazi and gonna turn the government into a nazi one so he apologises to Salih1 to get rid of his nazi helper Xaloiz.After acouple days of peaceful roleplaying mini-revolts start and rage for another Bane Rebellion then that continues.

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Again triggered boi greifed this

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