The revolution happened in April 7th 2019, about 4 - 7 PM starting time and 8 PM ending. This would cause chaos in the Discord and ingame after the first revolution and negotiations

I don't wanna intrude the privacy of others. That's why we shortened some names.


Private Revolutionary Corps - Panzerkorp/officeroftommy (leader), A Random Person

PBRP - salih1 and others

Other belligrients: Fi/ne or X/or and others.

What did each belligrient did?


Repeated revolts, threatening with Operation Ganshat (repeated chaos, namesake HatteRussia incident) if not meeting demands. The first revolution started chaos on Discord.

On CBL: They rallied to recruit more members, but none came. But one did.

On PBRP: Causing chaos on Discord.

salih1 and cast -

I was confused after they were meeting their demands, i was thinking if salih changed their demands. It caused alot of CHAOS after the first revolution and negotiation.

X/or/Finbone and F* Community-

After the ban, he made salih1 a living meme on F* Discord. This made him claim that he was humiliated. This made me fake anger on Discord for no reason. (I Condemn people who call me Gay and This rebellion is serious. are the most laughed at by the Finobe community.)

The revolution rages on and salih supported the Turkish government on the ban of F* website (F* is a 2012, 2016 revival BTW) and claim that "Typicalmodders is a rebel btw buys according to an information we got from x/or explanation". So you can know, Typicalmodders is an F* user, not that exploiting youtuber. But a claim dosen't automatically make him a rebel.

My intervention -

My first intervention was Everenes claiming that i act like i was one of the rebels just because i had a conversation with X/or as if we were on the F* discord. I responded like "Knowing X/or on F* dosen't mean that i'm automatically a rebel." (I am Griffley as nickname). My intervention would be paused until next chaos. In my next intervention, i defend X/or by showing some convos on Discord showing something. Since i don't wanna intrude anyone's privacy, the profile pictures are censored.


In response of their demands, salih1 would adopt a workplace democracy, later on a new government. PBRP would mobilize against the rebels.

Discord ranks would be synced with the game.


An update is cancelled and chaos is done in the first revolution. F* Discord began to "humiliate" (meme-ing) salih1 and Everenes.

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